Experience Matters

Have CJ On Retainer because your decisions on one or two issues you are facing may affect multiple aspects of your business & your personal life.

Why have CJ on Retainer & On Call instead of any other lawyer?

Experience Matters

  • Experience with Amazon authored 7 books about thriving on Amazon
  • Helped and Taught TENS OF THOUSANDS of Sellers on how to avoid Amazon Listing Deactivations and Amazon Account Deactivations
  • 25+ years experience representing businesses, actual courtroom litigation (not just a paper-pusher),employment problems and personal & legal experience with divorce, tax and estate planning strategies.
  • Decades of Resolutions where Possible and Litigation when needed
  • CJ is the Only Amazon-Focused lawyer with decades of experience in business law, employment law, intellectual property law, recovering your inventory & money from Amazon, actual trials and arguments to judges and juries.

Full Advice…not just Amazon-centric advise

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CJ has taught Sellers around the US and the world.

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